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Welcome to Von Dubinhaus Shepherds
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Welcome to
Von Dubinhaus Shepherds

Welcome and thank you for visiting Von Dubinhaus Shepherds! Your local dog training expert with over 15 years of dedicated experience.

We Don't Just Train Dogs - We Train You

Your best friend is already naturally trained! Now, you've got to catch up and we will design a personalized crash course just for you.

  • Chewing On Furniture?
  • Shoes?
  • Flowers?
  • Cats?
  • Humans?
  • Barking & Whining All Day?

Are the neighbours making threats?

At the end of your rope?

We specialize in the most difficult behaviour problems, including aggression. If you feel overwhelmed and are looking for an alternative to the pound or the stress of adoption, our intense behaviour programs are what you need. We will share several stories of success of both our personalized training programs and even re-homing dogs if the living situation is the root cause.

Call TODAY for more information and to schedule your $40 temperament test. Appointments available evenings and weekends, your place or ours. We are here because we love and understand what makes your dog tick - we'd love to fill you in.

Our Services

We have provided dog training services in the Portland OR area for 15 years. Some of the services we offer our customers include:

Rescued Dogs For Adoption

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Von Dubinhaus Google Reviews:

"I completely recommend Von Dubinhaus Shepherds dog training program. What I have learned and put into practice has made a difference in my dog's behavior. Lily is a 14 year old mixed breed that has a serious attitude. Before training with Von Dubinhaus I was fearful to take her anywhere and was a bit hesitant to discipline her when she became aggressive with me as well. I found Von Dubinhaus Shepherds after numerous phone calls to other trainers who said my dog was too old to train. Von Dubinhaus Shepherds told me they could teach me techniques to use with my dog to get her behaviour in control. I knew I needed to change my behavior as well. I am so pleased with Lily's response to training. I find I can now walk her in the neighborhood and it is enjoyable to both Lily and myself. She can ride in the car now without growling and barking at everything that moves. Overall we have made great progress!"

Portland, OR